Chandra Tal Lake

Chandra Tal Lake


Chandra Tal (meaning Moon Lake), or Chandra Tal is that the Samudra Tapu highland, commanding the Chandra stream, however, Himachal Pradesh may be a lake in Lahaul of Chandra Tal Lake and Spiti a part of Spiti district.

The lake derives its name from its crescent form. it’s at associate altitude of four,300 meters (14,100 ft) within the chain. The mountains of Skerry see the lake from one aspect, and a cave surrounds it from the opposite aspect. Khanda Tal may be a traveler destination for trekkers and campers.

The lake is accessible on foot from Hades and the Kunjum Pass from late could to early October. there’s additionally a motor road accessible as so much as a pair of kilometers (1.2 mi) of a parking spot by the lake. close to one km should be traveled on foot.

The route from Kunzum Pass was accessible solely on foot before, however currently motorcycles and 4×4 cars (recently additionally reached 4×2) ar the road to the current distance wherever you are taking a right cut from a tee purpose, left to Batala.

Let’s travel. It takes regarding 2 hours from Kunjum Pass to Chandra South African Dutch. Chandra Tal is additionally accessible from Suraj Tal, thirty kilometers (19 mi) away.

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