Dada Hari Vav

Dada Hari Vav


The stepwell was inherent 1485 by Dhai Harris, a home woman of Mahmud Begada in venture with the Persian engraving inside the stepwell. She was the director of the imperial harem.

Dhai Harir planned a foothold of affection and a spot within that she was coated. The well bears two engravings, one in Indo-Aryan on the south, and one in Arabic on the north divider, of the essential exhibition.

The Arabic composition peruses: This sacred and healthy water; the lavish voyagers’ lay house encircled on four sides by graven and painted dividers, and a woods of organic product trees with their natural product, a well, and a pool of water for the work of man and heist, were inherent the rule of the human of the Sultans of the age, designed up by the sweetness of God and of the faith, Abul Fath Mahmud ruler, kid of Muhammad ruler, kid of Ahmed ruler, kid of Muhammad ruler, kid of Muzaffar ruler the human, might God keep his kingdom. Dated town of the territory the 2nd of Jamadi-ul-awwal within the twenty-sixth year of the rule.

An Indo-Aryan engraving says that the progression all around was inherent Gregorian calendar month 1499 AD it utterly was during the rule of Mahmud ruler that Tibeto-Burman Harir Sultani, provincially referred to as Dhai Harir, structured the progression well.

The name later defiled into Dada Hari. It prices 3,29,000 Mahmudis (₹ 3 lakh) by then. the frilly advance well has winding staircases pieced into the sidewall of the good shaft and right down to the various stage levels.

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Built In 15th century


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