Gawilgarh Fort

Gawilgarh Fort


Gavilgarh Melghat Tiger Reserve, Amaravati District, is a streamlined mountain of the Indian Empire, north of the Deccan Highland, between geographical areas. This was entire with the success created by the Allied Anglo-Indian force commanded by statesman on fifteen Dec 1803 throughout the Second Anglo-Maratha War. The campaign of Gavilghur’s Necessity sets the scene of the novel Sharpe’s defense by author Cornwell, throughout a series of books covering the hero’s time among nation Army within the Republic of India within the Third Emperor amount.

The fort takes its name from the Gawli UN agency inhabited the Berar (modern-day Amravati) for many years. Earlier the fort was potential merely factory-made from mud as were several such areas among the region. the precise date of construction is not notable but the Persian student, Firishta, records that Ahmed Shah of Iran Wali, the ninth king of the Muzaffarid family built Gawilgarh once he was encamped at Ellichpur in 1425. potential this was the date once major fortification was distributed.

In 1803 throughout the second Indian War, the fort was boxed-in by statesman (later Duke of Wellington). once a pair of unsuccessful tries at the foremost gate by British and Sepoy companies, and much of casualties, Captain mythologist LED the 94th Scottish Brigade up the valley dividing the inner and outer forts and into the inner fort by escalade. The Scots then forced the northern house and opened the many gates, allowing the remaining British forces entry. Brits suffered few casualties among the ultimate assault. The defense came back to the Marathas once making peace with Brits but they abandoned it.

The fort has several inscriptions in Persian recording the date of the building of each of its seven gates. it’s a pair of water tanks which could ar the foremost water system simply just in case the fort was boxed-in. at intervals the fort the ruins of a house of prayer unit of measurement the foremost conspicuous. It stands at the most effective purpose among the inner fort and is formed among the Pathan variety of style. The house of prayer encompasses an sq. cowl with tangled stone latticework and a seven arched façade. The house of prayer originally had a pair of minarets, only 1 of that’s unbroken recently.

Gafur Ahmed, a Paglia of the Narnala fort, tried to figure out whether or not or not the chambers built into the fort of Narnala had any use by driving twenty sheep into them. one altogether the sheep turned up at Gawilgarh that’s over twenty miles away. So, altogether chance there is an associate underground tunnel connecting the two forts.

There unit of measurement several unrepaired breaches created by British guns, that keep to the present day. The gun that killed five attackers with a round still stands, although presently with graffiti running the length of the barrel.

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Built In 1425-26 AD


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM,Sunday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


1,103 Meters
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