Kabirvad is a banyan tree located on an island in the middle of the river Narmada. It is Bharuch district, Gujarat, India. The tree and place is associated with 15th-century mystic-poet Kabir

There’s a temple dedicated to Kabir. it’s believed that the fig tree was up from Datoon (twig used as a toothbrush). The place is nonsecular web site further as well-liked tourer spot. Nearchus, AN admiral of Alexander the nice, represented an oversized specimen on the banks of the Narmada watercourse, probably Kabirvad.

The place is named after the famous Saint Kabir who lived here for many years. It also has an imposing Kabir Temple where visitors & worshippers come to pray. Thus people visit Kabirwad not just for a historical reason but also to enjoy the solitude and sanctity offered by this huge Banyan Tree.

The tree’s cover was thus in-depth it protected 7000 men. it had been later represented by James Forbes (1749–1819) in his Oriental Memoirs (1813–1815) as nearly 610 m (2,000 ft) in circumference with over 3000 trunks. presently the world of its cover is seventeen,520 m2 (4.33 acres) with a fringe of 641 m (2,103 ft).

From Bharuch to Jhanor via Shuklatirth, there’s an area called Kabirmadhi. From here a ship ride brings individuals to the watercourse island.

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Built In 15th Century


24 Hours

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