Kangra Fort


The Kangra Fort was structured by the majestic Hindoo cluster of Kangra State (the Katoch administration), which follows its inceptions to the customary Trigarta Kingdom, documented within the consecrated content epic. it is the most vital fastness within the chain of mountains and maybe the foremost seasoned dated fortification in the Republic of India.

At any rate three rulers required to beat the fortification and empty the fortunes of its sanctuaries: Mahmud Ghazni in 1009, Firuz sovereign Tughluq in 1360 and Sher sovereign in 1540. The fastness of Kangra opposed Akbar’s ambushing. Akbar’s kid Jahangir with progress checked the fortification in 1620.

Kangra was at the time commanded by Raja Hari Chand Katoch of Kangra Mughal Emperor Jahangir with the assistance of Suraj Mal garrisoned aboard his troopers. at a lower place Jahangir, Murtaza Khan the legislative leader of the geographic area was coordinated to beat Kangra, anyway he bombing under the need and restriction of the Hindoo boss global organization workplace were known with him. At that time privileged person Khurram was placed accountable for the order.

The ambushing of Kangra was pushed on for a substantial length of your time. offers were suspended. The battalion required to quantify on overdone dry grass. it utterly was for quite a while looked with death and starvation. once AN ambushing of fourteen months, the post relinquished in Nov 1620. In 1621, Jahangir visited it and requested the butcher of a bullock there.

A musjid was what is more planned at interims the fastness of Kangra. The Katoch Kings over and over pillaged Mughal controlled locales, exhausting the Mughal the executives, supporting within the decay of Mughal management, Raja Sansar Chand II prevailing in worn out the standard fortification of his precursors, in 1789. prince Sansar Chand took on different conflicts with Gurkhas on one feature and Sikh King prince Ranjit Singh on the inverse.

Sansar Chand used to keep his neighboring Kings detained, and this semiconductor unit to connivances against him. during a fight between the Sikhs and Katochs, the doors of the fastness had been whole open for offers.

The Gorkhali armed force entered the opened barely outfitted doors in 1806. This unnatural partner degree collusion between prince Sansar Chand and prince Ranjit Singh. attributable to the inadequacy of the requirement at interims the fortification once AN comprehensive Gurkha-Sikh War and unfit to induce any, the Gurkhas left the Fort. The Fort stayed with the Katochs until 1828 once Ranjit Singh hooked up it once Sansar Chand’s passing. The fortification was at long last taken by a country once the Sikh war of 1846.

A British battalion concerned the defense until it utterly was smartly broken partner degree seismal tremor on four April 1905.

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Built In 4300 B.C.


9:00 AM – 5:30 PM


733 Meters

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September To June
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