Khambhalida Caves

Khambhalida Caves


Khambhalida Caves, or Rajkot Caves, are three Buddhist caves set close to Gondal in Rajkot district in the state of Gujarat, India. P. P. Pandya, a distinguished archaeologist, discovered these Buddhist caves in 1958.

These caves are maintained by the archeology department of the Gujarat state. The Khambhalida caves are placed at the foot of little hillocks on the banks of a spring. they’re incised out of sedimentary rock rocks.

There are 3 caves, the central one contains the stupa that is thought of as a chaitya cave. There are 2 sculptures of the deity on either side of the gate of the chaitya cave.

On the left, the figure is perhaps Padmapani beneath Ashoka-like tree with a feminine companion and 5 attendants. there’s a yaksha-like dwarf on the left of it holding a basket.

The figure on the correct is perhaps Vajrapani beneath Ashoka-like tree with similar attendants. The broad belts of feminine ar just like that of figures at Uparkot Caves of Junagadh.

They’re corresponding to late Kushana-Kshatapa amount sculptures elsewhere similarly as options some late Andhra mannerism. The caves are believed to possess get existence within the fourth or fifth century AD Another cave on the left is deep and big and is open within the front.

It should have used for meditation by the monks. There are fifteen little caves placed close to the Khambhalida caves. they’re most likely incised by the Lesser Vehicle branch of Buddhism.

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Built In 4th or 5th century AD.


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