Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Falls


Nohkalikai Falls is that the tallest plunge body of water in Bharat. Its height is 1115 feet (340 meters). The body of water is found close to Cherrapunji, one in every of the wettest places on Earth. Nohkalikai Falls are fed by the rain collected on the summit of a relatively little highland and reduce in power throughout the time of year in Dec – Feb.

Below the falls there has shaped a plunge pool with uncommon inexperienced colored water. According to legends, in an exceedingly village referred to as Rangjyrteh, upstream from Nohkalikai Falls, a girl named Likai resided however had to get hitched with when her husband’s death. Ka Likai (Ka is that the prefix is given for the feminine gender in Khasi) was left along with her baby female offspring with no suggests that of financial gain. to sustain herself and feed her kid she had to become a porter herself.

Her work needed her to go away her female offspring unattended for long intervals and once she would be reception she would pay most of her time taking care of her baby. She accomplished that raising a toddler needed each oldster, thus Ka Likai married a second time for the sake of her female offspring.

However, being a mother to Associate in Nursing baby, her female offspring required her constant attention thus couldn’t provide to her second husband the love he thought he merited. A work of jealousy grew in her husband that manifested to hate towards Likai’s female offspring. He killed the baby in cold blood and well-done her flesh when discard her cut head and bones to cover all trace of the murder.

Once Ka Likai came home, she noticed that her house was empty and no-one was home. A meal that had been ready however she didn’t notice anyone around. She needed to travel seek for her female offspring however she was too starved from all the labor she had been doing thus she Greek deity the meal until she couldn’t eat any longer.

Ka Likai sometimes had a betel pepper leaf when her meals, however, she found a cut finger close to the place wherever she sometimes cut betel dotty and betel leaves. Ka Likai accomplished what had happened in her absence and went mad with anger and grief and commenced running as she swung a hatchet in her hand. She ran off the sting of the highland and jumped to her death as she may now not bear the thought of cannibalizing on her dead female offspring inadvertently.

The body of water wherever she jumped from was named Nohkalikai Falls as a grim reminder of a tragedy that befell Associate in the Nursing unfortunate lady.

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