Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley National Park


Quiet natural depression park may be a park in Kerala, India. it’s placed within the Nilgiri slopes, features a center region of eighty-nine .52 km2 (34.56 sq mi), that is encompassed by a cushion zone of 148 km2 (57 sq mi). This park has some uncommon sorts of wide varied vegetation.

This territory was investigated in 1847 by the phytologist parliamentarian Wight. The park is one in every of the last undisturbed tracts of South Western Ghats mountain rainfall woodlands and tropical wet evergreen forest in Bharat.

Adjacent with the planned Karimpuzha park (225 km2 (87 sq mi)) toward the north and Mukurthi park (78.46 km2) toward the north-east, it’s the middle of the Nilgiri International part Reserve (1,455.4 km2), and maybe a piece of the Nilgiri Sub-Cluster (6,000+ km2), Western Ghats World Heritage web site, perceived by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2007.

Plans for an electricity venture that compromised the recreation center’s made natural life Associate in Nursingimated an earthy person social development throughout the Seventies, called the Save Silent natural depression development, that led to crossing out of the task and formation of the recreation center in 1980. The guests’ within for the recreation center is at Sairandhri.

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Built In 26 December 1980


8:00 AM - 1:00 PM


2000 Metres

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December And April
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