Trishul Peak

Trishul Peak


Trisul may be a cluster of 3 chain mountain peaks of western Kumaun, with the best (Trisul I) reaching 7120m. The 3 peaks tally a spear – in Hindi/Sanskrit, Trishula, trident, is that the weapon of Shiva.

The Trishul cluster forms the southwest corner of the ring of peaks enclosure the mountain peak Sanctuary, regarding fifteen kilometers (9 mi) west-southwest of mountain peak itself. the most peak, Trisul I, was the primary peak over seven,000 m (22,970 ft) to possess ever been climbed, in 1907.T. G.

Longstaff created the primary rising intelligence activity of Trisul, in September 1905, immersion on the western and southern sides. He came back in 1907 with 2 different Britons, 3 Alpine guides, and a variety of Gurkhas. They ascended through the Rishiganga natural depression, to the north of the height, onto the Trisul ice mass, that lies on the side.

From there they climbed the northeast flank to the north ridge, reaching the summit on twelve Gregorian calendar month. At the time Trisul was most likely the best mountain to possess been climbed.

The climb was noted conjointly for the primary use of supplementary O during a major climb. throughout the Nineteen Fifties Harold Williams light-emitting diode Indian Army expeditions to the summit. Routes on the west face and south ridge of Trisul I even have conjointly been climbed.

The west face was initially ascended in 1976; this was the primary ascent of the most summit, not mistreatment the first-ascent route. Trisul II and Trisul III were initial climbed in 1960 by the Yugoslav team JAHO.

They climbed from the Bidalgwar ice mass, achieving the summit of Trisul II via the southern ridge and Trisul III via the north ridge. Another Yugoslav expedition created the primary traverse of the 3 peaks in 1987, and 2 members paraglided from the summit

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Built In 1907


7,120 Metres

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