Umiam Lake


Umiam Lake might be a repository inside the slopes fifteen klick north of Shillong inside the territory of Meghalaya, India. it completely was made by damming the Umiam stream inside the mid-Nineteen Sixties. The vital geological area of the lake and dam is contacted 220 sq. klick.

Umiam Dam, that appropriates the lake, was planned by the territory State Electricity Board inside the mid-Nineteen Sixties. The dam’s unique reason for existing was to store water for power control age. The Umiam Stage I powerhouse, north of the lake, has four 9-MW turbine-generators, that entered a business activity in 1965.

Umiam Stage I used to be the essential supply stockpiling power task charged inside the northeastern area of India. (Umaru power Project, a run-of-waterway venture with an imaginative capacity of eight.4 MW, started activity in 1957.) 3 a lot of phases of the Umiam Project were a while later planned downstream. The lake is a genuine holidaymaker fascination for the province of Meghalaya. it’s conjointly a well-preferred goal for games and voyage offices. Visitors visit this spot for kayaking, water sports, hurrying, and water travel.

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Built In 1965

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March To June
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